Senator Rob Peters

Illinois Senate District 13

Sen. Rob Peters

Senator Peters is the chief sponsor of the Honesty in Economic Development Act in the Illinois State Senate. The bill will prevent state and local governments in Illinois from entering into contracts where nondisclosure agreements are in place that prevent the terms of the contract from being publicly known.

He was instrumental in the passage of the Fair Food and Retail Delivery Act, a bill that protects restaurants, bars, and retail businesses from deceptive third-party practices. The bill is now Illinois law and goes into effect January 1, 2023.

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From Senator Rob Peters:

“Corporate monopolies extract wealth from working class communities, particularly communities of color. Companies like Amazon make deals in the shadows that dangerously fluctuate prices, suppress wages and propel a race to the bottom. We have to fight back against the unchecked power corporate monopolies exploit and the illusion that if we don’t give into that power, then we’re blocking economic development.”