Don't Trap Workers

Noncompete agreements restrict employee freedom and hurt the economy. Some politicians and their corporate lobbyists want to make sure that they stick around. We're fighting back.

The Campaign

Recently, four Republican congressmen wrote a letter to the Federal Trade Commission declaring war on the FTC’s new federal rule to ban harmful, predatory noncompete agreements: Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. Scott Fitzgerald, Rep. Darrell Issa, and Rep. Tom Massie.

They made a choice to stand with corporate monopolies over hard-working constituents.

Their letter made clear that they stand with the exploitative contracts that block nearly 1 in 5 workers, including a disproportionate number of low wage employees and people of color, from negotiating higher pay, freely changing jobs, and being able to start a new business.

And like clockwork a few weeks later, the Chamber of Commerce launched a new attack stating that they would legally challenge the ban if it goes through. Big Business and their political allies are waging a war.

Corporate monopolies, Wall Street and their lobbyists, and the right-wing politicians doing their bidding are suiting up to fight the proposed ban on noncompetes. They’d rather protect corporate bosses than their own constituents. Their attacks won’t go unanswered - we’re fighting back.

Watch the ads and take action