Representative Sara Innamorato

Pennsylvania House District 21

Rep. Sara Innamorato

Representative Sara Innamorato introduced the Pennsylvania Open Markets Act to strengthen statewide antitrust enforcement, and is a co-sponsor of the Stop Price Fixing Act.

As documented in the film Inhospitable, she has also been an outspoken critic of the monopolization in Southwestern Pennsylvania by the nonprofit healthcare giant, UPMC.

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From Representative Innamorato:

“Working families and Main Street businesses across Pennsylvania are finding it increasingly difficult to achieve the American Dream, a dream unchecked and consolidated corporations are stealing from us. Powerful corporations are using their wealth to rig the economy and our democracy in their favor at the expense of everyday people. I’m a part of this coalition because I believe policymakers at all levels of government should pass commonsense regulations on corporations that rebalance the power dynamic in our society that allows all of us from rural to urban communities to thrive.”