Representative John Kowalko

Delaware House District 25

Rep. John Kowalko

Representative Kowalko has worked for years to stop corporate handouts in Delaware, and is a co-sponsor of a regional interstate compact against corporate tax giveaways. He is also a co-sponsor HB 405, legislation that would create an inspector general’s office in Delaware to protect the public interest.

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From Representative John Kowalko:

“Corporate extortion of taxpayer money has not generated or created jobs nor prevented layoffs and transfers of existing jobs. Instead, this addiction to corporate welfare has drained necessary government resources from working people and the small business community. Taxpayer interests demand that we stop the giveaways of taxpayer money to obscenely wealthy companies and corporate monopolies. We must resist and reverse the callous and flawed attempt to redistribute and divert revenues from working families into the coffers of wealthy corporations.”