Assemblymember Anna Kelles

New York Assembly District 125

Rep. Anna Kelles

Assemblymember Anna Kelles has brought national and international attention to the environmental concerns of consolidated cryptocurrency mining using proof-of-work validation methods, calling for a moratorium on bitcoin mining in New York.

She is a co-sponsor of the 21st Century Antitrust Act, which if passed, would be the most important change to antitrust law at any level of government in a generation. She is also a co-sponsor of A6526, a bill to rein in Apple and Google's app store dominance.

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From Assemblymember Anna Kelles:

“The existence of corporate monopolies is the antithesis of democracy. Not only do corporate monopolies destroy our local economies and weaken our workforce, but they also diminish access to education, nutrition, health care, and stable housing. If we want to foster a stable and thriving economy, we must prevent the consolidation of wealth and power among the elite few. It is critical that we fight corporate monopolies in order to support a robust, competitive market in which ideas and creativity thrive.”