October 4, 2022

Fight Corporate Monopolies Releases Campaign Guidance to Win November Elections

Washington, D.C. — Today, Fight Corporate Monopolies released a new resource for candidates to supercharge their economic messages in the final weeks leading up to the November general election. Recent polls have found that taking on corporate power while addressing the economic struggles of working people is a winning and popular message among voters. Embracing this message will give Democrats the opportunity this cycle to maintain their lead and win. 

“Democrats need to make explicit how the power of monopolies erode democracy and bring us further away from achieving economic, racial, and social justice for working people,” Helen Brosnan, Executive Director of Fight Corporate Monopolies said. “Consolidation across industries has left a few big corporations in control. These monopolies use their power to keep wages low, influence politics, squeeze small businesses, and price gouge consumers. They are part of why working people suffer and it’s not too late for Democrats to seize this fight as a winning message.” Brosnan continued, “If we have the courage to stand up to corporate power, we can win back voters across partisan lines. Corporate monopolies and their power are the culprits of misery for consumers and working people, all while aiding corruption in Washington. We hope this helps candidates take that message to the trail.”

Fight Corporate Monopolies’ Campaign Guidance includes messaging that illustrate the harms of monopolies and examples of consolidation in specific industries like healthcare, Big Ag, and retail. It also offers potential legislative solutions for candidates to champion on the campaign trail.  Recent polling by Fight Corporate Monopolies found that 86 percent of likely voters believe that a political system corrupted by corporate influence is a serious problem. Voter concern over questions of corporate power and influence rival concern over kitchen table issues, with 93 percent of respondents concerned about inflation, 87 percent concerned with wages not keeping up with the cost of living, and 85 percent concerned about the affordability of healthcare.

A poll by Democracy Corps released last week also found that Democrats make their biggest gains if they strongly message on taking on the corporate monopolies that are driving up prices as they rake in record profits — and does not produce the usual partisan splits. With majority of voters citing the cost of living as their top concern due to inflation, Democrats can make a clear contrast of who is protecting the interests of working people versus who is doing the bidding of large corporations. In recent weeks, Fight Corporate Monopolies have unveiled other candidate resources in addition to today’s guidance memo to aid in Democrats’ efforts to win voters this November: 

  • Corporate Power Crisis: Explained breaks down the issue of corporate consolidation in various industries and includes talking points for candidates.
  • Corporate Power Maps are dossiers that illustrate the influence of corporations in states, allowing candidates to identify their harms within their own community. 

Learn about Fight Corporate Monopolies’ Campaign Guidance memo here