November 1, 2022

Fight Corporate Monopolies PAC Backs Keith Ellison Re-Election Bid

Washington, D.C. — In the final week before Election Day, Fight Corporate Monopolies PAC is launching a new attack in the Minnesota attorney general election to boost Keith Ellison’s re-election bid. Fight Corporate Monopolies PAC is investing in direct mail targeting persuadable Minnesotans to draw a contrast between Ellison’s work protecting workers, strengthening antitrust enforcement, and standing up to price-gouging corporations versus Republican opponent Jim Schultz’s career protecting corporate interests.

“With corporate profiteering running rampant while people struggle to make ends meet, Minnesotans need a fighter committed to fighting for working families,” Helen Brosnan, Executive Director of Fight Corporate Monopolies PAC, said. “Keith Ellison has a proven record of delivering for the working people of Minnesota: taking on price gouging corporations, cracking down on wage theft, and fighting the abuses of Big Ag. His opponent, on the other hand, is advocating for policies that will enrich his hedge fund friends and let corporations off the hook for their crimes. Schultz has explicitly said he would defund corporate law enforcement. If elected, Schultz would choose his cronies over working people every time.”

View a copy of Fight Corporate Monopolies PAC new direct mail for Ellison here.