For Immediate Release: July 20, 2020

Press Contact: [email protected]

Fight Corporate Monopolies Launches New Ad on William Lacy Clay’s Opposition to Obama’s Fiduciary Rule as a Favor to Wall Street

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Fight Corporate Monopolies has released a new ad targeting Congressman William Lacy Clay (D-MO). The ad, set to run in the St. Louis media market ahead of the Missouri primary on August 4th, highlights Clay’s opposition to President Obama’s effort to protect working families’ retirement savings from Wall Street financiers.

“Wall Street knows they can always count on William Lacy Clay when they need a favor,” said Morgan Harper, Senior Advisor at Fight Corporate Monopolies. “Clay has repeatedly sided with greedy financiers and opposed legislation that would have benefited working families. In return, Clay has received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions.“

In 2015, after being lobbied by Wall Street, Clay joined a letter to President Obama urging him to re-issue the fiduciary rule. Clay’s opposition to the fiduciary rule would have directly harmed individual investors and working families. Clay has received $42,000 from retirement advisor PACs and $99,000 from insurance companies and finance firms during the four years around the fiduciary rule fight.

The ad can be viewed here.

Read more about who William Lacy Clay really is here.


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