For Immediate Release: July 7, 2020

Press Contact: [email protected]

Fight Corporate Monopolies Launches New Ad Highlighting Congressman Richard Neal’s Cozy Corporate Relationships

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Fight Corporate Monopolies, a new organization focused on addressing today’s crisis of concentrated economic power, is releasing its first TV ad, targeting Congressman Richard Neal (D-MA), Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. The ad, set to run in the Springfield-Holyoke media market ahead of the Massachusetts primary on September 1st, highlights Neal’s close relationship with private equity giant Blackstone, a top Trump campaign contributor that is also under scrutiny for sticking patients with surprise medical bills during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Richie Neal has regularly put corporate interests above constituents’ needs,” said Morgan Harper, Senior Advisor at Fight Corporate Monopolies. “Neal’s efforts to help Wall Street price gouge essential health care services are reprehensible to voters who sent him to Washington, particularly during a public health crisis. This September, he should be held accountable."

Congressman Neal has received $48,600 from Blackstone this cycle, making the firm his top 2020 donor. In December, Neal undermined a compromise that would have ended surprise billing and cut into Blackstone's profits. In the three election cycles before Neal protected surprise billing, Blackstone gave zero dollars to his campaigns.

The ad can be viewed here.

Sarah Miller is Executive Director of Fight Corporate Monopolies. Faiz Shakir, former Campaign Manager for Bernie 2020, will be consulting for the group.


Fight Corporate Monopolies is a registered 501(c)(4) nonprofit that is building a movement to address today’s crisis of concentrated economic power. We do not accept any funding from corporations. For more information on Fight Corporate Monopolies, visit